Previous MTEP Assignments


  • Revamp business license review and application process – (streamline among departments)
  • Conduct internal control study on cash receipts cycle
  • Learn accounts payable and accounts receivable processes
  • Learn payroll processes


  • Assess project requirements for outsourcing a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Monitor daily network account access for department
  • Ensure daily network security controls are enforced

                       Planning & Natural Resources

  • Policy writing – (Historic structures)
  • Assist with Carbon sequestration
  • Conduct climate change analysis

                     Office of Budget and Finance

  • Help set, evaluate, and measure performance measures in line with Vision 2025.
  • High level budget and program review and analysis

          Office of the Chief of External Affairs

  • Design and establish a Water Walk tour of the Delta
  • Develop an emergency and crisis communications plan

                                       Public Works

  • Assist with replacement of time card tracking system
  • Create standardized electronic filing system
  • Assist with revamp sidewalk ordinance
  • Develop an area plan for a portion of the city that was recently annexed
  • Provide guidance to residents and staff regarding development opportunities – (Community outreach)
  • Asses existing policies, procedures, and practices
  • Develop new plans for training and policy operations
  • Help implement new ordinance to charge for storm water connection fee for new developments

                                    Human Resources

  • Assist with Employee Engagement program planning
  • Assist with Workforce planning
  • Implement Injury & Illness prevention program
  • Make improvements to safety and wellness programs
  • Assist w/ coordinating an online open enrollment benefits process
  • Assist with Training & Development consortium and other related training initiatives
  • Assist with negotiations
  • Review/revise personnel rules
  • Develop a formal recruitment program for hiring from colleges and universities

          Community Development/Services

  • Assist with single-family residential requirements and guidelines – (Housing programs)
  • Apply newly developed quality of life metrics to cities – (track and conduct analysis)
  • Implement pilot for Public Works Maintenance Management System
  • Develop a hazard Mitigation plan for responding to emergencies
  • Grant administration/monitoring
  • Capital projects assistance
  • Program management – commercial revitalization
  • Review of the City’s Smoking Ordinance
    • community survey, community meetings,
    • City Council study session & research of other cities policies
  • Evaluate City’s Tree Protection Ordinance
  • Create & administer customer survey
  • Develop marketing videos/media content related to programs and activities

                         Parks & Recs


  • Research best practices on parks operations
  • Research alternative methods to staffing parks
  • Develop comparative data on revenues and expenses
  • Assist Director on organizational resource development
  • Resurrect the divisions Recreation Strategic Plan
  • Perform financial analysis
    • Cost/revenue analysis of various rental facilities
    • Population analysis to determine the ratio of resident/non-resident use of recreation program services
  • Analyze special funds for department
  • Develop streets and parks public assessment
  • Develop criteria for evaluating services for outside contracting
  • Help implement volunteer process
  • Recommend strategy for long-term operations and maintenance of City’s sports facility/center
  • Analysis of operating budget

                        County Manager’s Office


  • Assist with economic and land use development – (Policy updates, outreach, marketing)
  • Introduce priority -based budgeting to community
  • Assist with community engagement activities
  • Perform grant writing
  • Identify and explore grant opportunities
  • Assist with program implementation for Climate Action Plan
  • Assist with program implementation for downtown parking plan
  • Assist with finance and budget preparation
  • Review and revise below market rate housing program
  • Examine the city’s Action Plan
  • Implement the city’s social media outreach & marketing plan
  • Assist with the city’s annual “Make a Difference Day”
  • Assist with employee satisfaction survey
  • Assist with childcare contract management
  • Help with department budget tracking
  • Develop financing and budgeting processes
  • Report out on Measure AA progress and finances
  • Develop crisis communications plan
  • Asses volunteer program and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Develop regional solutions to homeless encampments along the regions streams and creeks
  • Implement new Mayor’s Recognition program
  • City newsletter – (Communications/Media relations)
  • Assist with ADA compliance reporting
  • Update special events /fee waiver policy
  • Explore options for increased youth engagement
  • Assist with the development of a coordinated citizen tracking process