How it works

Local government executives or senior managers will identify “star performers” in their respective agencies who have the potential to enter or advance in senior management to participate in the program. Agencies pay $1000 per participant.

Endorsed participants submit an application, undergo an interview process and are placed in a talent pool and matched to assignments in city, county and special district agencies in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Assignments run for three months from September through December, giving participants an opportunity to supercharge their careers and acquire new experiences, relationships and competencies to benefit their organizations.

We look forward to each agency participating by endorsing one to two names of “star performers” and we will do our best to coordinate with agencies and place them in a meaningful assignment.

In addition:

Supervisors at the host agencies get an opportunity to coach and mentor MTEP participants. 

The program includes three two-hour learning forums that give participants an opportunity to hear speakers talk about leadership and career development topics. Forums include a support session where participants can share their experiences and ask for input on issues or challenges they may be facing.

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