The purpose of the Management Talent Exchange Program (MTEP) is to give small and medium sized local government agencies employee exchange opportunities so that participants can develop new experiences, competencies and relationships. The program is designed to specifically address the problem of preparing the next generation of senior managers in public agencies in these tough economic times and is an excellent opportunity for employees to gain essential skills for maximum career potential.

2018 MTEP Graduates

2019 Timeline

Application Period:
April 1, 2019 – May 3, 2019

May 6-9: Application Screening and Interviews

May 21-22: Interviews

June: Candidate and Host Notifications

August 15: Program Kick-Off / Orientation

September 3: Exchange Begins

October Learning Forum

November: Cohort Learning Forum and Activity

December 6: Placement Ends

December 19: MTEP Graduation

Consider the Benefits

If you’re a manager/executive hosting or sending a participant:


  • Maximize your organization’s capacity in tough times
  • Initiate low cost strategy for staff development
  • Generate talented, prepared leaders
  • Learn while mentoring emerging leaders

If you’re an entry or mid-level manager participating in the program:


  • Supercharge your career (in just 3 months)
  • Develop new skills, experiences and relationships
  • Networking opportunities
  • Coaching and mentoring from local government leaders
  • Keep track of trends in local government