Management Talent Exchange Program - Host Application

The purpose of the Management Talent Exchange Program (MTEP) is to give small and medium sized local government agencies employee exchange opportunities so that participants can develop newexperiences, competencies and relationships. The program is designed specifically to address the problem of preparing the next generation of senior managers in public agencies. It’s an excellent opportunity for employees to gain essential skills for maximum career potential. We are looking for agencies to host MTEP participants. 

Host must identify a specific 3-month assignment including criteria for the position, competencies required, and objectives for the assignment. The host will also be asked to attend an orientation session, coach the participant throughout the exchange, attend the graduation ceremony, and provide a three-month evaluation at the completion of the assignment.

For a full listing of Home and Host Agency Guidelines, please visit: Applicants for the program must submit a completed application, be recommended by their organization and be selected as a participant by the MTEP placement committee. Applications will be reviewed and matched with prospective exchange opportunities. The application consists of a current resume, supplemental questions, and a recommendation.

The MTEP placement committee will make matches based on host criteria and participant interest area.

General Program Timeline:
Application Period: April 1, 2019 – May 3, 2019
Application Screening: Week of May 6th
Interviews: Week of May 20th
Notification of Placements: June 2019
Kick-off Meeting: August 2019
Exchange: September 2 – December 6, 2019
MTEP Learning Forums – TBD
MTEP Graduation: December 19, 2019
For questions for additional information, please visit or email
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Host Application

Please provide information regarding your agency’s exchange opportunity. The contact information should be of that of the individual who will be supervising the exchange participant. There is an opportunity to add an additional contact person at the end of the form.